Delicious Website content writing and full-bodied online copywriting for the

Food & Drink and hospitality Markets

Why do you Have a website?
What is its purpose?

Not something you'd normally think about is it? As an online copywriter, I have to consider this question and discuss it with clients constantly. Why?

Online visibility - the struggle to get found.

Websites are a fact of modern business. There are 1.93 billion websites and at least 4.93 billion web pages on the indexed web. The vast majority get almost no visitors, less than 1million websites account for over 50% of web traffic.

That's why you have to know, really know, what the purpose of your website is.

What is it you want it to achieve for your company and more importantly how it will help your customers and visitors?


So what can an online copywriter do to make it happen?

Getting seen is a battle. Why?

Because you are 1 in 1.93 billion and those odds aren't great.

You need to use every tool in the box.

As an online copywriter I can write web pages and content that is not only informative and interesting but optimised so that your customers can find what they need to solve their problems.

Exciting ad copy to draw prospects in.

Landing pages that encourage them to take action and get the response that you need

Emails series to tell stories, entertain and then highlight products or services and move them along the buyers journey.

Additionally, I can write newsletters to inform and entertain. 

Articles that will enhance your credibility and how you are perceived in your market.

Scripts for your video sales letters to promote your products and services.

The list of the benefits that an online copywriter brings are endless. You're the expert in your market. Focus on your business and use my expertise to help your business grow.

having spent over twenty years running and owning bars, restaurants, deli's and working in 5-star hotels, I know how your Customers think

I Am Your Customer.

I know how your target market thinks, its needs and its problems. 

The cost effective ingredient sourcing issues or staffing problems that keep them awake at night. 

Their frustrations at finding reliable suppliers, equipment engineers or getting the linen and uniforms laundered. 

I help Food, Drink and hospitality businesses create delicious, full-flavoured copy and content that gets results
call me to find out more 

How an online copywriter will help you stand out from the crowd

To go from invisible to market leading your website content has to solve problems, offer solutions that show you understand what your customers want and be optimised so it can be found. 

Writing relevant thoroughly researched, Search Engine Optimised, interesting content that answers the questions your audience are interested in is what I do.

With a background in both Food & Drink and Hospitality, I understand the problems and frustrations and the sense of achievement when it all clicks together.

Let me help you make it click for your business

Conversational Optimised content for Home pages, Company Information pages, About Pages and Product/Service Pages 

Thoroughly researched articles, editorial content and Weekly/Monthly newsletters to engage, inform and sell

Keyword optimised Lead Generation and Sales pages to persuasively boost engagement and increase sales

Facebook, PPC, Banner and Display advertising. Keyword rich, imaginative copy that drives sales and engagement

Emails designed to go from sign-up to sale. They are relevant, entertaining and written in a conversational style

Scripts are critical to giving a flawless, polished performance in front of the camera or microphone

Detailed case studies that enhance the trust, authority and powerful social proof gained from testimonials and expand them into a real customers affirmative stories of their journey using your product or service.

White Papers​

A white paper is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. A white paper isn't a product pitch, it is fact and evidence based document to inform.

Strategic Site Audits are a professional review of how your content performs across the pages of your website to drive traffic and drive sales activities; it’s all about content performance 

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