All about me...

A little of what i do...

Hi, I'm Simon

I have spent over twenty years: 

  • Managing Wine bars in the City of London, 
  • Working as a purchasing controller in a five-star hotel (two-million-pound budget).
  • Owning and running, in partnership, two exceptionally successful themed bars and restaurants.
  • Owning and operating a high-end delicatessen.
  • Most recently owning and operating, in partnership with my wife, a successful outside catering company, sandwich round and organic veg box scheme

I Am Your Customer.

I know how your customers think.

What keeps them up at night or at work until the early hours.

I understand their frustrations at finding the equipment, raw ingredients, pre-cooked solutions, liquor and staff to run their operations.

Why is this so important?

Intimately knowing and understanding the people you want to sell to is the holy grail.

That understanding allows me to write sales pages and web content that speaks to your customers, answers their questions and solves their problems.

Words with flavour and soul.

Knowing how to 'speak your customers language', transforming complex technical information into the way they speak, using the words that they use, or understanding what they need from a pre-cooked meal solution, will increase engagement and sales, your sales…

Simple words that make your tastebuds tingle...

A Food & Drink Copywriter

Why me?

I have been trained and verified by AWAI in persuasive, action orientated copywriting and content writing. Trained by some of the top copywriters working today.

I am a trained B2B writer who understands how to nurture a prospect from initial contact to the final sale and beyond.

Copywriting and content writing are my business and I believe that you deserve the very best, every time.

That’s what I guarantee you – my very best, every time.

Discover the value that I can add to your business.

Let my experience and knowledge of your customer's problems, allow you to connect and provide them with the solutions they need.

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AWAI Verified Copywriter

AWAI Verified Copywriter