Landing Pages And Sales Pages

Persuasive, Action Orientated to Generate leads or Sales

Landing Pages

Landing pages have to persuasively increase engagement with your brand or increase sales.

Each page has only one objective.

Whether that is to deliver a free report, white paper or case study that has been exchanged for an email address or as a long form feature and benefits page or a sales page.

To be effective it needs to:

  • Focussed on a single objective and testable against variations to measure the impact of each page
  • Source specific - a different landing page depending where your prospect comes from e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or PPC Advertising. This allows you to measure the performance of each of the digital media platforms.
  • Proactive and has a bold call to action that prompts the reader to do what you want them to do.

A well written landing page has a single objective, is uncluttered and easy to read.

It will tell your prospect what they need to know, encourages a simple action and deliver what they want.

Sales Page

A long form sales page needs a strong headline that grabs your prospects attention. How?

  • Stating a fact
  • Asking a question
  • Making a promise 
  • Drawing a picture

Followed by a lead that delivers on the Big Promise from the headline and introduces the Big Idea.

Every sales letter has to contain four elements - the '4 P's'

  • Promise - Make your prospect a promise and identify a fear or desire that keeps them awake at night or that they day-dream about. Tell them what you will do to eliminate that fear or fulfil their desire
  • Picture - To reinforce the desire from your promise, paint them a picture to show how they will benefit from your product or service
  • Proof - Prove what you have promised, exhaustively and comprehensively using excellent quality proof. Leave your prospect in no doubt that you are the real deal
  • Push - Give them a clear specific call to action that will get the sale

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