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Scrumptious Content Marketing


Is  your newsletter is a free weekly digest of articles on your website or a premium monthly newsletter with original content that is only available to subscribers?

If you want it read, the quality has to be outstanding. Descriptive words that bring your subject to life, let your reader experience the smells, tastes and textures with you.

Tell stories that excite them, compel them to learn more and inspire them to connect with you

To build a list of enthusiastic knowledgable prospects, a free newsletter is perfect  to inform and educate.

A weekly digest will encourage them to stay on your website longer as they click between articles.

A paid for, premium newsletter, can include reports, case studies and longer content that is only available to subscribers and is more valuable, informative and exclusive than your free newsletter.

Premium newsletters are also a great opportunity to up-sell your products and services at an exclusive discount only available to subscribers.

I can write relevant, thoroughly researched, newsletter content that will make your newsletters 'the talk of the town', and position your company as a progressive market leader.

We are happy to work on an adhoc basis or on a discounted monthly retainer -

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Articles And Blogs

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important if you want to get found by your customers. 

But when should you do your keyword research? Before you write anything, anything at all.

How can you be sure what your customers want to know about, are worried abut and need help with, if you haven't discovered what questions they are asking, and the words and phrases they use?

Once you have a clear idea of what they want to hear about and how you can position your product as their solution, then the fun starts. 

An example for a food wholesaler might be:

You've identified that people, your potential customers,  are asking what vegetables are seasonal in October, autumn or fall. 

Knowing this you could write a series of articles including the key phrase seasonal vegetables and variations like; favourite autumnal vegetables or Halloween recipes and position your products within the article or blog post as a convenient solution, perhaps combined with an offer. 

The same strategy can be applied to anything;  glassware to steam ovens or restaurant furniture to linen. 

Once you know the problems and difficulties they are facing you can offer a possible solution that piques their interest and directs them to your website.

Let me help.

I write, thoroughly researched keyword optimised, articles and blogs that are conversational in style and are readable, informative and enjoyable.

I am happy to work on an adhoc basis or on a discounted monthly retainer -

Call +44 33 3303 1206 now for details

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