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Web Content

Exceptional quality is the goal with all the content that we produce. 

It has to be fantastic. it must be beautifully written, conversational in tone, using keywords that are appropriate and strategically placed and it has to be useful.

Not just useful in a vague 'Oh, that's nice' fashion but answering the questions that real people are asking and showing them the solutions that they need to make decisions on; whether they should buy or keep searching.

We all consume content in different ways. Some prefer articles or information pages, while others gain more from information in a graphical form - video's or infographics. 

Content writing

Producing a wide variety of content in different formats appeals to the widest audience and keeps the content relevant and more likely to be found. 

Content can be:

  • Text - articles, information pages, web pages, case studies
  • Infographics (Designer)
  • Video or audio
  • Quizzes

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Articles and Newsletters

Articles and newsletters are the life blood of a website. Thought provoking, relevant, well researched and comprehensive.

To gain the maximum traction, shares and a greatest chance of the coveted first page spot on Google, in-depth long form content with thoroughly researched keywords/phrases, has been shown to be most effective.

  • Backlinko analysed one million search results and concluded the optimal post length for a first page on          Google was 1890 words. 
  • Using storytelling as a way to lead the reader to where you want them to be is effective and engaging 
  • Beautifully written content that covers your subject in depth, answers questions and solves your readers problems is critical. 
  • The content needs to be relevant, entertaining and written in a conversational way that will increase engagement with potential customers

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to persuasively increase engagement with your brand or to increase sales.

Each page has one objective; whether that is to deliver a free report or case study that has been exchanged for an email address, as a long form feature and benefits page or as a sales page.

  • Focussed on a single objective and testable against variations to measure the impact of each page
  • Source specific - different landing page depending where your prospect comes from e.g. Twitter, Facebook,   LinkedIn or PPC Advertising. This allows you to measure the performance of each of the digital media           platforms.
  • Proactive and has a bold call to action that prompts the reader to do what you want them to do.

A well written landing page has one objective, is uncluttered and easy to read, tells your prospect what they need to know, encourages a simple action and delivers what they want.

Discover the difference that a well written landing page can have on your sales conversions


Organic traffic is the dream of every company. Free traffic that you get from your number one spot on page one of Google and the relevance of your content. That though isn't the way it usually happens.

  • Various types of advertisements including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pay-per-click (PPC), Banner and display ads
  • Each type of advertisement has a specific criteria (character count, image or not, format) that must be followed precisely
  • Very tight character or word counts require a creative use of language to drive sales and engagement
Web analytics
  • Gaining good traction from your adverts has a direct impact on your sales and ROI. Writing effective ads is akin to great art - difficult to achieve but you know when they will work, even before the first click.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is permission marketing. The opportunity to talk to people who like what you have to say and want to hear more. 

  • Permission marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your customers
  • Allows you to send content to specific segments of your email list 
  • Enables you to put together a series of emails on automatic and specify when they are sent, the space between emails and the groups to send to.
Email on Smart phone

Relevant, entertaining emails can lead your customer from initial sign-up through to the first sale. By continuing to educate and add value this first sale can then lead to additional sales over time. Crafting your emails using personalisation and conversational writing techniques improves open rates and click-throughs.

Discover how to turn your email marketing into an additional, reliable revenue stream


Video and Audio Scripts

Getting in front of a camera or a microphone and 'wingin it' will often result in chaos. Unconnected thoughts, not covering everything, too much 'erring' and 'hmming' an unpolished effort that could have been so much better with planning and scripting.

A creative, well written script allows the presenter to

  • Concentrate on the delivery of the material
  • Not miss any crucial points that would cause confusion if they were missing
  • Be professional and polished
Camera man filming video

Scripting video's and podcasts takes the stress away and let's the presenters personality shine through. Well presented, polished, professional work will inspire confidence in you, your products and your company.

For lively, entertaining, thoroughly researched scripts for online video's or podcast episodes


Case Studies

Before we buy anything we need proof that it works and will do what we want it to do. Case studies are the  perfect way to provide powerful social proof, from real people, that a product is outstanding. 

To be effective there needs to be detailed interviewing, a pre-determined structure, an appealing layout that encourages engagement and a lively, conversational conversational writing style.

The beauty of case studies is that they can be repurposed and used in:

  • Articles, blogposts and newsletters
  • Lead generation and Email marketing
  • On social media
  • On relevant landing pages
  • Even as a link in your email signature
Two people talking

Let us know if we can help to make your case studies the powerful social proof they deserve to be


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