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Copywriting is persuasion at its most elemental level. 

You want a person to take an action. Click a button, buy a product, give you an email address.

If you want this to happen, you have to give them a 'why'. Why it should matter to them, what's in it for them, why you and not 1000's of others; they need to see the benefits and not the features.                   

Laptop computer, coffee cup and notebook
  • A feature is what a product or service is or contains - 3.0 litre engine or a built in Thesaurus
  • A benefit is what a product or service can do - accelerate more quickly or help to find the right word to use
  • A deeper benefit, according to master copywriter Mark Ford, is how a product or service can change a prospective customers life - let you experience the excitement as you accelerate out of a tight corner on a mountain road or feel pride as your essay takes the Dean's prize in English

The deeper benefit is what will get your product or service noticed, create interest and      desire and ultimately generate a flurry of sales, visitors or donations.

Whatever you want to achieve, whether it is to sell online education programs, increase visitor numbers at your gallery or museum, or garner donations to renovate the structure of your church; you need to describe the benefits to your customers, visitors or following and ask them to take action.

Content Writing

Boring content will drive customers away faster than you can say lame twaddle.

Make it interesting, shareable, sparky and something that your prospective customers

are going to want to read.

​Content is there to: 

Content is king: Crown
  • Inform, entertain and be relevant
  • Tell a story that keeps it interesting and personal
  • As a resource that prospective customers can refer to and share

To write effective, engaging content it is vital you know who you are writing for. What is your buyer's persona? Knowing who the prospect is enables you to craft the content to speak directly to the appropriate audience.

Your content is your organisations voice, ​and it's public face - make sure it's as attractive as possible. Ultimately your audience will decide for themselves how good your content is - if it generates leads, interest and sales, it's certainly effective.

Landing Pages and Email Autoresponder Copy

Every organisation needs a landing page or landing pages, whether you are an online educator, offering niche courses or free training. Why? To increase engagement and interest in what you have to offer, whether its blog posts, newsletters, a free video course or paid content.

​A landing page needs to be:

  • Focussed on a single objective - growing your email list, selling a product or service or generating interest in your articles
  • Source specific - different landing page depending where your prospect comes from e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Advertising. This allows you to see how well each of the digital media performs.
  • Proactive and have a bold call to action button - 'Get a weekly or monthly digest of our best articles' or 'Buy tickets for an exclusive preview of our latest exhibition'.

A well written landing page has one objective, is uncluttered and easy to read, tells your prospect what they need to know, encourages a simple action and delivers what they want.

The email address that you receive when someone signs up for your newsletter, free content or service is gold dust. 

They have given you their email address and agreed that you can contact them; they are a captive audience who's interests align with yours.

Writing compelling, informative emails that take them on a journey, leading them to buy from you, attend your events or commit to reading your articles and newsletters is critical to your success. This is where you can add real value, engage in a way that is relevant to them and prove you care enough to over-deliver on your promises.

  • Permission marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your customers, followers and the people who like your message.
  • Allows you to send content to specific segments of your list 
  • Enables you to put together a series of emails on automatic and specify when they are sent, the space between emails and the groups to send to.

Building an email list of enthusiastic people whose interest align with yours is a priority. They have given you permission to contact them directly and are eager to hear what you have to say. Ensure everything you send them is engaging, appropriate to their interests and adds value to their lives. Care enough to over-deliver and give astounding value. 

Blog Posts, Newsletters and Ebooks

Your blog posts, articles and newsletters are the life blood of your website. Thought provoking, relevant, well researched and comprehensive

To get the maximum traction, shares and a greater chance of that coveted first page spot on Google, long form content is the way forward. 

  • Backlinko analysed one million search results and concluded the optimal post length for a first page on Google was 1890 words. 
  • Using storytelling as a way to lead your readers to where you want them to be is effective and engaging 
  • Good quality content that covers your subject in depth, comprehensively answers questions and is relevant and entertainingly written will increase engagement with your potential customers

Whatever you write has to be interesting, entertaining, well written and structured and thoroughly researched. The subjects you write on should be industry relevant and covered in depth and ideally include other types of media - pictures or video to improve rankings.

Care enough to overdeliver and continually give outstanding content that will increase engagement and loyalty.​

Ebooks are a vehicle to promote thought leadership, as explainer guides for complicated processes or as part of a series that can cover different aspects of a subject in depth.

  • Short ebooks are useful as give-aways to build an email list
  • An excellent way of re-purposing thought provoking articles into a collection that can widen their reach and impact
  • Increasing and improving the brand image of an organisation or individual

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