Site Audits

Discover if your content is pulling its weight...

Site Audits

A Site Audit is a professional review of how your content performs across the pages of your website to drive traffic and drive sales activities.

It’s all about content performance and whether your content is working hard enough for you.

I look at:

  • How the content on your website reads
  • How it guides your customers through the sales process
  • How clear your content is
  • How well your content drives action
  • How the content attracts people on search engines

I'll evaluate your site against a 35 point usability check list and provide you with a detailed report and recommendations for improving your content's performance.

Why is a Site Audit so important?

The content on your website is the reason your customers come to have a look.

They want to know:

  • That they are in the right place and you are able to help them
  • How to easily move around your website and find the bits they are interested in
  • Whether they can trust you
  • How to buy what you are selling 

If your site isn't making life easy for your potential customers they will leave, very quickly. 

One of the most important actions you can take is to make sure your content is pulling its weight promoting your business, products or services to your prospects.

If your contents not're potentially damaging your business

A Site Audit will uncover the issues that are stopping your potential customers from staying on your site.

It will suggest ways to correct any discrepancies in how your content flows, its persuasiveness and usability and the use of appropriate keywords to draw customers in.

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