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Website Content

Ensuring that the quality of your website content is fantastic is one of the most important jobs of an online marketer.

It is  the difference between keeping a visitor reading and then buying or bouncing away from your page to your competitors website.

Two of the most important pages on your website are your Homepage and your About Page.

This is the first impression a visitor has of your company and whether they feel comfortable beginning their relationship with you.

As soon as they land on a page they begin asking themselves questions.

  • Am I in the right place?
  • Can they help me solve my problem?
  • Is this relevant to me?
  • Is the page engaging and interesting?
  • Do I like what I see?
  • Okay where do I go next?

This all happens in the first few seconds.

If the answer to any of the questions above and a host of others that are pinging around there head is 'No'...

They'll head back to the search results and try another site...your competition

Exceptional quality has to be the goal with all the content on your site. 

It has to be fantastic. it must be beautifully written, conversational in tone, using keywords that are appropriate and strategically placed and it has to be


Not just useful in a vague 'Oh, that's nice' fashion but answering the questions that real people are asking and showing them the solutions that they

need to make decisions on - whether they should buy or keep searching.

Online content is different

Content for the web is written differently.

  • Visitors won't look at big blocks of text, peering at it to try and decide if it helps them or not.  
  • It has to be exactly what they want and immediately recognisable as that.
  • Copy has to scannable with lots of sub-heads, bullet points and white space
  • The copy has to appeal at an emotional level using benefits and not features

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