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Do You Need A Website Copywriter To Get Found Online?

Is web copywriting going to make that much of a difference to your business? 

Can it help you to be found by your prospective customers ?

Yes, to both questions. Here’s why.

First, let me ask you a couple of questions…

If your car died and wouldn’t start would you:

  • Stare blankly at the engine for a while scratching your head, wishing you’d had the time to take the auto-repair night class,     and then call a mechanic.
  • Tinker repeatedly with the engine for hours and hours until it miraculously starts. Why did it start? Who cares it started, and  you’re only four hours late. Result!


Your website gets very little traffic. You know it could, and should be better at bringing in leads and enquiries, but nobody ever looks on page ninety-six of Google…

Would you:

  • Ask Jodie on reception to write a few short articles for you. You read somewhere that articles will get you traffic and Jodie was top of her English Lit class.
  • Hire a web copywriter to do a professional job that will give you a solid return on your investment?

When you look at it like that, it makes sense to get a web copywriter in. Still not sure?

Five Reasons Why You Need A Web Copywriter on Your Team.

1. A website copywriter knows what works online

Online you have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, reassure them they’re in the right place and convince them to stay and have a look around.

Otherwise, they’re gone, back to the search results and the next website on the list.

You need to make it easy for them to scan the page and get a sense of what it’s about.

Lots of white space, short paragraphs, headings and bullet points let them quickly decide whether you can answer their question and provide them with a solution to their problem, or they need to keep looking.

2. Web copywriters understand Search Engine Optimisation and Keywords

When you search online, you use specific words or combinations of words to help you get the information you need – keywords and key phrases.

But how do you know what words your customers are using?

Keyword research.

Your web copywriter researches keywords and long-tail key phrases that fit with your business and product or service and assess the competition, search volume and cost per click before they write anything.

The keywords are then naturally placed in the article or webpage to help you climb the Google rankings.

On page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way of helping Googles bots work out what a page is about, how useful the information on the page is, the keywords the page is using.

SEO affects your online visibility. If Google or other search engines can’t understand the purpose of your page and what the page is about you won’t get high enough up the rankings to be found.

Well written content with relevant keywords that is are correctly optimised stands a better chance.

Well researched keywords wrapped in a beautifully written article or web page and optimised to within an inch of their lives is what I do as a website copywriter.

3. Outstanding customer focussed writing is what copywriting is about

How you connect with a potential customer the first time they find your website can decide if they stay or head straight back to the results page.

Do you show them, within seconds, how your product or service can save them money, save them time, take away a tedious task or offer the specialist advice they can only get from you?

Everything on your website has to have one purpose: showing that customer that you can solve their problems more effectively than anyone else.

Testimonials, case studies, articles, white papers all work together to gain their trust and prove that you can back up your words with solid evidence.

People buy from companies they trust. As a website copywriter, I can write copy teeming with useful information that will help promote trust and generate sales. 

4. Good UX (customer experience) copywriting keeps them on your website

Imagine you’ve gone to a big shopping mall and there are no signs – not one. You have no idea where anything is, no clue how to find anything and all you want to do is shop.

Would you traipse around randomly looking in stores until you discovered something you want to buy?

I doubt it.

You’d drive five miles down the road to another shopping mall with great signs everywhere and shop until you dropped.

Your website is exactly the same.

When a person lands on your website following an article, likes the article, and wants to know more, there have to be signs to tell them where they can go next.

Well planned menus, interlinking to point them to other relevant information and a clear path for them to follow if they’re starting to trust you enough to think about buying.

A good user experience that keeps a person on your website shows the search engines that your site has useful, relevant information that can be trusted. That can improve where you rank.

A website copywriter can make a huge contribution to how quickly a person can find the information they need to move them along the path towards a purchase.

5. The internet changes constantly, so should your website

The internet evolves constantly. SEO, design and usability change constantly to mirror the changing needs of browsers and information junkies.

To stay on top of all of this change your website, social media accounts and anything else that is online has to be fresh and relevant to the people you want to help and sell to.

Assessing the performance of your site, how individual pages and posts are working and whether they need to be updated and rewritten should be an ongoing process.

As a website copywriter, I can edit and polish existing content or do a complete rewrite to make the page or post relevant to today's market.

So, Do You Need A Web Copywriter?

The value that web copywriter can bring to your business shouldn't be underestimated.

Unless you have unlimited time, are an SEO expert, have an understanding of user experience and how to structure your website so the customer can get to the information they need, and know how to produce not just articles and product descriptions but case studies, white papers, landing pages, and lead magnets, you need a website copywriter.

Let's chat and see whether I can help you with your web copywriting and any other aspects of your online marketing.

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